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August, 2010

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Sustainable House Day
We are celebrating Sustainable House Day which is this Sunday.
One of our homes will be open to the public and we share the following story on the home:

Happily perched in pride of place at The Ecovillage in Currumbin Valley, Straw Forest, as named by its passionate owners has been designed and built to extensively complement its surroundings and environment utilising passive design and cutting edge sustainable components.
The home features external walls of a straw bale core with three inch earth render coatings and incorporates the following:
  • Extensive Lounge and dining decks extending these rooms to outdoor areas on the east and north.
  • Structured for passive cooling with a suspended timber floor system, building skirts below the house, ventilated eaves and whirly birds. Cross flow ventilation is provided to all habitable rooms even with the internal or external doors closed utilizing 'breathing wall' vents and windows. Australian Air-cell and polyester insulation are installed to sub floor, building skirts, ceilings, walls and roofing.
  • Northerly aspect layout with carefully places eaves, rooves and polycarbonate so as to provide warming sun in winter and shade in summer. The earth render walls provide thermal mass to help stabilize the ambient room temperatures.
  • All building materials have been carefully sourced as locally as possible to as to reduce embodied energy including custom milled Australian Blackbutt louvers, doors and windows. Australian plantation timbers for framing elements. Timber decks, flooring, posts and beams all remilled from materials recycled from a Brisbane woolshed and the Manly wharf providing a 25% recycled content to the build. Reconstituted plasterboard. Australian sandstone and granite bench tops. Australian made ceramic tiles. 'Green' concrete. Recycled concrete blocks and sandstone slabs.
  • A waste minimisation program has been implemented for the construction process where material allowances are tight and any excess materials are used on other sites. We have daily waste separation into four bins (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, general recycle and rubbish) to maximise recycling and a compost system is on site for organic waste.
  • Rainwater harvesting storing 51,000L of water plumbed to AAA rated plumbing taps and fittings and low flush toilets, 1 with an integrated wash basin so as to reuse the wash water in the cistern.
  • A minimal number of light fittings housing compact fluorescence, fluorescent and electronically ballasted lamps carefully selected and positioned so as to provide adequate task lighting and reduce glare to all external areas so the night sky can be observed.
  • Skylights are fitted to rooms that would otherwise be without natural light.
  • To minimise energy usage gas appliances are used wherever possible including a gas oven and hot plates, a gas hot water system boosting the solar hot water panels and provision to connect gas heaters and BBQs .
  • A 1.5kw photovoltaic system is installed to gather energy from the sun and excess energy is put onto the public power grid .
  • An Ecovision 3010 system is installed to monitor power usage (lighting, pumps and general power separately) and solar power generation, hot and cold water usage and generation, gas usage, tank levels, temperature and humidity to rooms and outdoor weather conditions .
  • The home is wheelchair friendly throughout for the future of any occupants.
  • All products have also been selected with the health and safety of the occupants in mind including zero or low VOC paints and low toxicity materials with either EO or E1 Formaldehyde Emission class. No PVC has been used in any plumbing components unless no alternate existed and HDPE pipe has been the substitute throughout.
  • Native plants, a vegetable garden and herb garden are included in the landscaping. A system of surface water control that complements the existing conditions on site is in use featuring a dry creek bed which flows to a pond under the ramp which in turn overflows to disperse down a dry creek bed. In doing so we have been able to divert most surface water around the home with ease.
The straw bale component is in itself a complex system with breathable pea gravel filled 'ladder frames' to top and bottom of walls to allow the walls to breathe while preventing vermin entry, the straw walls are compressed with rods prior to rendering 3 coats of earth render and fibre mesh totalling a 75-100mm thick build up. The earth blend was sourced locally and the finish coat on the internal face is an oxide tinted Rockcote clay render. External walls are coated with a breathable membrane to help protect the integrity of the earth render while still allowing the walls to breathe out any moisture. A niche, 'truth window' and picture rails are also built into the walls.
This project was very rewarding process which allowed our team to feel great about what we were involved in and come together for the greater good, exploring what is possible in our building industry.
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